Specializing in Beginners!
since 1979

A solid 7 days a week diving for 35+ years offers a veritable wealth of diving experience! Thousands of 2 tank intro dives & divers & a perfect safety record!

SMALL GROUPS = an excessof Hands On Tender loving Care!

We WILL teach you to dive!






Certified Divers!

Refreshers? Get reacquainted w/ the sea! A solid Tune up! 2 solid 40+ min dives!


Advanced? Scooter diving! My personal favorite! 60 min per tank, up to 2 miles under H20! Rays, lava tubes, scooters, turtles, caves, sharks, wrecks...



Interspecies diving? Certified & Uncertified, you can actually be diving together!







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First Time Divers

Welcome Home!

The Best Half of Maui is Underwater! 

The ocean is, hands down:


The Greatest Show on Earth!


Intro thru Advanced, we love to take you

on Maui 

NAUI, PADI, Universal Referrals!

first time scuba diver turtle kihei maui hawaii


Maui's most experienced scuba diving Instructor!

   35+ years of taking and teaching scuba diving! Still doing it and still keeping our groups small. How Small?

 kihei scub diving uncertified scuba diver, on maui with Bobby Baker's maui sun divers 

We Don't Do:



(YEEE HAW! Git-em-up! Move-em-out!)


 Not my style. We supply one full-time pro scuba INSTRUCTOR for every 4 people max. full Instructors only, no part time dive masters! (training to be instructors) 

  Just as there are different sizes of people, there are also different sized scuba  tanks. For smaller people we custom fit you with smaller, lighter tanks. For larger people, bigger tanks. We have complete  sets of gear for folks from eighty pounds (Our minimum age is 10) to 300 lbs! All our gear will be tailored to fit you! (PLEASE! Don't lie about your weight!)

 turtle and manta rays on wreckoff shore wailea scooter diving at wrec  ONE of our most oft-asked questions is:  "Do you supply all the dive gear or do we have to rent it?  I get cold easily, what about wet suits?"

All scuba equipment is always included on all of our dives!   Wet suits and everything else is provided at no extra charge on all of our dives. We give everyone a 1 mm full-length Harveys neoprene wet suit and add a shorty on top of that for max warmth & protection. For thin folks, or those who get cold quickly (usually those without my natural wet suit) I like to double  up on the wet suits and give you a light ninja-looking neoprene hood to wear.  It works! You're warm, you're comfortable, and you look cool even though you don't feel cold! This is what diving is all about! Comfort is the key!

   Whoever you dive with, make sure your supplied with  booties and easily adjustable back strap fins. Without them you may be expected to walk across hot sand and lava rock gravel in your bare feet and swim with weak, blister raising shoe fins.  Not a bad way to sell fins & booties (As you're walking into the water across hot sand to get into the water, your dive master is saying, "booties! What a concept! Booties, what an investment!") but it's uncomfortable and shortens your dive by making you work harder and use up more air. We want you styling from the start! Comfort is the key!
  We give you comfortable Deep-See 3mm zip booties in combination with break-tropical fish coral sharks wrecks scooter scuba diving refreshers beginner divethrough-in-technology excellent Apollo or Aqualung split fins. (I wear them too!)

   These split fins give you real power while at the same time moving you relatively effortlessly through the water. The less work done, the less air used. The less air used the longer we can swim with the fishes!

Comfort is the key!   The mask is the heart of any dive system, and we custom-fit you with high quality comfortable masks. We use a lot of different kinds, as there are a lot of different faces out there.

  By the way, about masks, buying the most expensive mask on the shelf doesn't mean you've got yourself a good mask.Comfort and fit are the only criteria to consider.
   So come on in, let go your weights, take your mask off, put your fins up! Set a spell and take a look at my web site! 

   We dive seven days a week so we can try to be flexible and work with your schedule! That said, we always meet at 6:00 AM in Kihei on Maui's south shore. ("Why so early?" You ask...)

    Blame the boss! (the ocean!) The ocean is at it's best early in the morning and the Kihei-Wailea-Makena & off shore area has the best diving on Maui! 

You're "all pau!" (finished) before noon!

    There's some really  curious Pacific Green Sea Turtles and other buddies who'd love to meet you.  Say hello to a few old friends below!

                                    Bobby Baker

turtle scooter dives certified divers wreck diving night diving    

                                     Turtle scratching at the wreck!                          

manta ray eagle ray manta rays sting ray eagle rays sting rays,  advanced dive discover scuba diving, naui, Padi, universal referral certification

No marine life or coral is injured on any of our dives!

     scooter diving, turtles, manta rays, cave diving,

  flying turtles!


shore diving, beach diving, coral, surge dancing, turtles, turtle town,

Shallow water teems with life!

manta ray, manta rays, sting ray, eagle ray, 

Night Dive With Manta Rays!

 Let's Go diving!